Steelville Missouri Float Trips

Summary: Steelville, MO is widely known for its beautiful and adventurous float trips. With a variety of options for all ages and experience levels, visitors are sure to have a memorable experience.

1. The Basics of Float Trips

Float trips in Steelville involve a leisurely ride down the scenic rivers while enjoying the natural surroundings. From paddling your own kayak or canoe to lounging on rafts with friends, there are multiple options for those looking to spend their day on the water.

Before taking off on a float trip, it’s important to know the basics of safety and regulations. All visitors are required to follow guidelines, such as wearing proper life jackets and avoiding littering or damaging the environment. Make sure to also consider your experience level and pick a route that suits you best.

Steelville is also home to numerous rental companies, such as the Ozark Outdoors Riverfront Resort, which offers a range of rental options, including kayaks, canoes, and rafts, as well as transportation services.

2. River Route Options

One of the most popular routes for float trips in Steelville is the Meramec River. This river has several access points, and visitors can choose from various lengths depending on their preferences. The route is known for its stunning scenery, with limestone cliffs, sandy beach areas, and a variety of wildlife.

The Huzzah Creek is another popular river route for those seeking a more challenging yet rewarding journey. It is a smaller and faster-moving river with rocky areas, narrow passages, and exhilarating rapids. This route is perfect for experienced paddle enthusiasts.

No matter the route chosen, visitors will be able to enjoy the natural beauty of Steelville, MO. Along the way, they can take a break to swim, fish, or simply relax on the shoreline amidst the lush landscape.

3. Family-Friendly Activities

Steelville offers a range of family-friendly activities, including float trips suitable for all ages. There are mellow and calm routes such as the Courtois Creek, which is perfect for families with young children. It offers limited rapids, crystal-clear water, and serene surroundings, providing the opportunity for a peaceful family getaway.

Another great option is the Meramec State Park, an outdoor oasis that features picnic areas, playgrounds, campgrounds, hiking trails, and river access. This is the perfect spot for families to spend the night after a day-long float trip adventure.

Steelville also offers seasonal events, such as corn mazes, pumpkin patches, haunted hayrides, and more, making it an ideal destination for families looking to have some fun and create unforgettable memories.

4. Fishing Opportunities

Float trips in Steelville offer great opportunities for fishing enthusiasts. The Meramec River is home to an abundance of fish species such as smallmouth bass, catfish, and trout. The Huzzah Creek is another popular spot for fishing, particularly for trout.

Visitors can choose to rent or bring their own fishing equipment and enjoy a relaxing day on the water while catching some fish. Just make sure to obtain the necessary permits and follow local guidelines regarding catches and restrictions.

After a successful day of fishing, visitors can prepare their catch and indulge in some delicious culinary creations at one of the many local restaurants. Some of the recommended spots for freshly prepared seafood include the White Rose Café and Floating Fish House, both of which are located right on the water.

5. The Best Time to Visit

The best time to plan a float trip in Steelville is in late spring or early fall when the water levels are just right and the weather is mild and enjoyable. During the peak summer season, it can get crowded with tourists, so planning ahead and making a reservation is highly recommended.

Steelville offers year-round outdoor activities, making it a great destination for visitors seeking adventure and relaxation in all seasons. However, make sure to check the weather conditions and river levels before embarking on any outdoor activity to ensure a safe and fun experience.

No matter the month or season, Steelville, MO offers endless possibilities and adventures for visitors looking to explore its natural wonders and scenic beauty. With a variety of routes, activities, and places to stay, it’s no wonder that float trips in Steelville are a favorite among many outdoor enthusiasts.


Steelville, MO, is a prime location for adventurous float trips with a range of routes for visitors of all experience levels. From serene and tranquil waters perfect for family outings to challenging rapids, there is something to cater to every need. Steelville’s abundant natural beauty, including stunning scenery and diverse wildlife, makes it an ideal place to relax and engage in the great outdoors, whether you’re an avid fisherman or prefer to lounge by the riverside with family and friends. Make sure to plan your trip carefully, observe safety guidelines, and enjoy everything Steelville has to offer.

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