Rivers Edge Meat Market Jefferson Wi

Summary: Rivers Edge Meat Market is a renowned meat shop that offers quality meats from local farmers. They are dedicated to providing customers with fresh and sustainable meats while supporting small-scale farmers. The market has a variety of meat options, including beef, pork, chicken, and lamb. Their services extend to online shopping, delivery, and catering.

1. Quality Meats from Local Farmers

Rivers Edge Meat Market supports local farmers by sourcing their products directly. This means that all meat products are fresh, properly raised, and hormone-free. By purchasing from local farms, the market guarantees that its customers receive quality meats with no additives. Besides, it lowers the environmental impact that comes with transporting food over long distances. Customers can visit the farms to see how the animals are raised and processed. The market’s dedication to local sourcing ensures the freshness, sustainability, and ethical treatment of the animals.

The store butchers and processes the meat on site, ensuring that each cut is done correctly with attention to detail. They provide an array of meat options, including steak, roast, ground beef, chicken breasts, bacon, and sausage. Custom cuts are also available, and customers can choose their preferred level of marbling and thickness. The market provides quality meats for every household and event.

The market’s commitment to local sourcing and butchery means that customers can trust what they are buying. The team is always available to answer questions about the sourcing and preparation of the meat products. By supporting local farmers, Rivers Edge Meat Market maintains a quality and sustainable supply chain while keeping its customers happy.

2. Online Shopping and Delivery

Rivers Edge Meat Market understands that not everyone can visit the market in person. Therefore, they provide online shopping and delivery to customers within a certain radius. The company website has a user-friendly interface that allows customers to view available meat products and pricing. They can select their preferred items and schedule the delivery date and time. Online orders typically have a same-day turnaround, ensuring that customers receive fresh meat at their doorstep.

The market offers various delivery options, including home delivery, office delivery, and event delivery. Customers planning a backyard barbecue or wedding can order meat in bulk and have it delivered to their preferred location. The market caters to customer needs while maintaining the quality of the meat products.

Online shopping and delivery provide convenience and accessibility to customers who cannot visit the market in person. Rivers Edge Meat Market’s online presence makes it easy for customers to access quality meat products without leaving their homes.

3. Sustainability

Rivers Edge Meat Market is committed to ensuring that its business practices are environmentally friendly. By sourcing from local farms, they reduce the carbon footprint associated with transportation. Moreover, the market partners with farmers who use environmentally responsible farming practices. These practices minimize the use of pesticides and herbicides while promoting soil health. By supporting environmentally sustainable farming, the market contributes to a healthier planet.

The market also ensures sustainability by using eco-friendly packaging. This includes using compostable trays made from plant-based materials and biodegradable plastic wrap. They also encourage customers to bring reusable bags to minimize plastic waste. The market’s dedication to sustainable practices promotes ethical treatment of the environment.

Overall, Rivers Edge Meat Market promotes sustainable and responsible business practices, contributing to the overall health of the planet.

4. Catering Services

Rivers Edge Meat Market caters to events such as weddings, corporate events, and backyard barbeques. The market offers custom meat packages based on the customer’s needs, preferences, and number of guests. The team works with customers to choose the ideal menu based on budget and taste. The market provides delivery services to the event location, with options for on-site cooking and setup.

The market’s catering services ensure that customers receive quality meat products while enjoying the convenience of having their events catered. The team is flexible and willing to accommodate customer needs and preferences.

Rivers Edge Meat Market’s catering services are an excellent option for customers who want to provide quality meat products for their events while receiving top-notch service.

5. Customer Service

Rivers Edge Meat Market understands the importance of customer satisfaction and offers excellent customer service. The team is approachable and knowledgeable about the sourcing and preparation of the meat products. They are always ready to answer questions and provide recommendations based on customer needs and preferences. The team also ensures proper packaging and labeling of the meat products to avoid confusion and ensure customer satisfaction.

The market’s reputation for quality meat products and exceptional customer service has earned them loyal customers. Customers appreciate the dedication to local sourcing, freshness, sustainability, and quality of the meat products. By being attentive to customer needs, Rivers Edge Meat Market creates a welcoming atmosphere for everyone.

Overall, the market’s commitment to customer satisfaction ensures a positive experience for all customers.


Rivers Edge Meat Market provides customers with quality meat products sourced from local farmers. Their dedication to sustainability, responsible business practices, and customer satisfaction has earned them a reputation as one of the best meat markets in the area. The market’s online shopping and delivery, catering services, and exceptional customer service make it convenient for customers to access quality meats without sacrificing quality or taste. By supporting local farms, they contribute to the overall health of the planet while providing fresh and ethically raised meat products. Rivers Edge Meat Market is the go-to destination for all meat lovers who want to experience the best.

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